Business & Management

Life was meant for our enjoyment. One of the things that greatly contribute to enjoying life is money. Most of the things that help us enjoy life require cash. So there has to be a way of making money. Most people go for a job. This is good. It is one way of earning money in order to have needs met. Another way of making money is through business.

Starting a business

One may start his or her own business to earn money. This may be in small scale or big scale. When a business is on a small scale, some normally label this as self-employment. Business is said to be the entity that employs from 500 people upwards. This is big people. This is the one that makes people rich.

Starting a business is normally referred to as “entrepreneurship”. This is about being creative and innovative. It is encouraged that every person should start a business.


Once a business has been started, there is a need for goof management. Management is about planning, organizing, leading, motivating, and controlling. These are the basic functions of management. These functions are key to the success of any business

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