Doing All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You

This video covers the truth that you can do all things through Christ. Once you are a child of God, you have the Lord on your side. So, as you listen, you shall learn that you are capable of doing anything in life.

There are things that come to play as we learn to do all things:

1. Trials

– Trials shall always be there. You need to have a good attitude. Victory is guaranteed. You will find out the reasons for such.

2. Be content

– There is always the temptations of becoming desperate and worried about certain things in life. But you should learn to be content.

– There are examples found from the scriptures those who were able to be content under challenging situations. You can do it.

3. Christ’s victory

– You are not alone. Jesus Christ opened the way for you. You are expected to enforce the victory of Christ. He overcame the devil and his cohorts.

Be blessed as you listen to the podcast. Enjoy!

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