5 Steps to Setting Achievable Goals

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5 Steps to Setting Achievable Goals

I believe you have dreams about your life. Whatever aspect of life you are dealing with, it doesn't matter. It may be a career, marriage, finances, etc. Imagine living your dream life! Having that house, car, or a happy family. This is possible. It requires setting goals for your dreams. Join me as we look at effective goal setting.


1) Start with the end in mind


Write down the final result or outcome you want to achieve. That is what will let you know if you have reached your goal. Set SMART goals. This means they should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Setting an effective goal can help you stay motivated and on track to reaching your desired outcome. 


2) Create an effective goal


Effective goals serve your life vision. This means you must know your life purpose. What is the true purpose of your life here? Once you have a clear understanding of your life purpose, create a goal that serves that vision. Make sure the goal is attainable yet challenging. Finally, break the goal into smaller steps that you can take to reach it.


3) Create a clear roadmap for your success


Break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Finally, plan and prioritize each step along the way to reach your goal. 


4) Create an action plan


An action plan is a written document that details the steps that will be taken in order to achieve a specific goal. These are micro-goals. It should include details of how and when each task will be completed, as well as who is responsible for each task. Action plans help to keep everyone accountable and motivated to reach the goal.


5) Summarize each step to formulate a goal statement


A summary of each step will give you a paragraph, which leads to a goal statement. Once you have your paragraph, you can create a goal statement that reflects the main points of the paragraph. This statement should include the desired outcome, the timeframe, and the necessary steps to achieve it. Finally, make sure your goal statement is clear, achievable, and inspiring.


Now you have a clear set of goals for your life. Use those 5 steps to put in place effective goals for your life. I said start with the end in mind. Then create an effective goal. Additionally, create a clear roadmap for your success. With the roadmap in place, create an action plan. Finally, summary each set to come up to formulate a goal statement. You may also visit my membership site!

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