Build Yourself An Ark by Saving

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Build Yourself An Ark by Saving


Noah was asked to prepare an ark that would protect him and his family from a flood that was coming. They had never seen a flood before, but he was expected to follow the instruction. We shall use this to learn on how your savings can save you from unforeseen disaster or problem in life.

Payoffs or benefits of Saving

Saving can help you in different ways. The following are some of them:

1. They prepare you for future financial challenges

Everything worthwhile in life is worth preparing for. It may be marriage, family, or career. The same with financial obligations, one has to be prepared. Some things happen expectantly and that requires money. So, saving is the way to go.

2. Saving seems inconvenient when all is going well

It did not make any sense to people when Noah talked of building an ark in preparation for salvation from the flood. There was no apparent evidence of the coming flood. On the issue of savings, it requires self- discipline to do when there is no evident threat of life. You just need to decide to start saving even when all appears to be well.

3. Saving shall help you during times of need

When it started raining, Noah and his family were already in the ark as commanded by God. This avoided trouble. Savings will help you from entering into unplanned big debt. The challenge with such debt is that it might take a long time to clear and taking interest at the same time.


Noah's ark is an example of how your savings can help you in the future or during unforeseen eventualities. You need to prepare for your future life when you no longer have strength to earn income. So, saving helps you at the crucial hour of need and also helps avoid unplanned debt. Therefore, if you had not started saving, the best next time to save is now. 

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