Earning What You Are Worth

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Earning What You Are Worth

The scriptures according to Luke 12:7 say, “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Therefore, do not fear, you are of more value than many sparrows.” 

1.0 Introduction

The issue of finances is very important in our lives as many things depend on it. Earning what one is worth should be a priority as nothing is for nothing. In whatever you do in life, ensure you are paid appropriately and maximize your earning potential. That shows that you are valuable even God through Jesus Christ acknowledged that a person is valuable. Here we shall highlight reasons why a person is working or engaged in a certain trade in life. Furthermore, we shall look at how one can ensure that he is compensated accordingly.

2.0 Why we are working? 

There may be several reasons why we are working:

1. Making an impact in the world

2. Following our passions

3. Expressing our creativity

4. Earning a living.


3.0 How to ensure you are paid appropriately or you maximize your earning potential?

1. Re- look at how you spend your time.

Time is truly a great resource you would ever have in your lifetime. Once spent, it is gone forever. So, if you want to grow your income, look at how you can best invest your time. You may spend your time in expanding your skills or find a mentor. See how you can put your assets to work for you. 

2. Think of your income as something that grows as you grow, not a fixed number. Salary increments are not frequently given but earned or requested. 

3. Follow the money

It is very important to find out who is paying you. Then consider how you are creating value for the one paying you. Ensure that the value you create is quantifiable so you can highlight for those who decide on your salary. If you own a business, think of how you can make more money by adding value not just hours. You are not paid your worth but the value you add. This value addition should be to your employers and customers. Note that your worth is relative because you are compared to others in your industry. It is important, therefore, to find out what other people are making for the same job. 

4.0 Conclusion

Whatever you are working for, you can improve your earnings. You can earn more by effectively using your time. Remember that time is the most important resource you have. Ensure that you add value either to your employer or customer when it comes to the job you are doing or product and serve you are offering. 

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