Removing Limiting Beliefs

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Removing Limiting Beliefs


A lot had happened to the Israelites. The good and the bad. But now, there is a new promise. A new thing was going to spring forth and that would be the doing of the Lord. A road was to be made in the desert and rivers were going to flow. God was going to supply to His people regardless of the wilderness or desert situation. And the people were going to declare His praises. God wants to be praised. It is a year of new beginnings, and the Lord shall be with us. We shall be talking about this throughout the year.

The purpose of this teaching is to help us see that Jesus did it all for us. Things can be far better than they currently are. Be willing to begin again. After this lesson, you shall be able to:

1) Identify the barriers that hinder your life from moving forward.
2) Realize that you were set free to pursue your life goals
3) Learn to take responsibility for your life and make new beginnings


God wants to do a new thing in your life. Allow Him. Identify your limiting beliefs. You cannot deal with something that you do not know because it is hidden. Deal with the limiting beliefs. Jesus set you free. You are  a new creature. It is your responsibility to take action and do something about your life. If you do nothing, nothing shall change.

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