Winning Every Spiritual Battle in Half the Time

Many believers are happy to be born into the Kingdom of God. But they do not take advantage of all the benefits of being part of God’s kingdom. Why is that so? This is because they do not enjoy victory in their daily lives. They find themselves defeated by the enemy under different circumstances.

In Winning Every Spiritual Battle in Half the Time, Rev. Elphas Sipho Mdluli explains what spiritual authority is. He explains how to use that authority in your everyday issues of life. This book reveals the source of authority and dispels the misconception that Satan has power over believers. This authority must be used and it works best when you have put on all the armor of God.

This book covers a range of subjects, which include the meaning of spiritual authority, The Source of Spiritual Authority, understanding spiritual Battle, Satan took man’s authority, the power to choose your Master, and you have power to rule, release your power and Win, and other areas.

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